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710 Neal Drive
Peterborough, ON K9J 6X7

Dynacast Peterborough has two divisions, our Die Cast division and Fishertech. Formerly the company's name was FisherCast Ltd.

Die Cast Division
Dynacast Peterborough is a world leader in molten metal injection technologies, unique in its ability to provide close tolerance, net shape die cast zinc components, and joining (through innovative Injected Metal Assembly - IMA process) and assembly solutions and systems. Employing high performance alloys, our unique high speed, hot chamber die casting process outperforms conventional methods. Dynacast Peterborough manufactures flash-free, high-precision components and component assemblies for hundreds of applications, including automotive, industrial controls, appliances, electronic components, power tools, computers and much more.

Dynacast Peterborough serves over 300 customers. The team is dedicated to customer service and proactively works with customers to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and solve problems.

Equipment capabilities:

  • 40 proprietary small die casting machines ranging from 12 to 20 tons.
  • 5 proprietary intermediate casting machines at 60 tons.
  • Design, prototyping and modelling services. Precision tool building capability in house.
  • Wide range of finishing services including tumbling, polishing, shot blasting, vibra finish.
  • Wide range of secondary operations including CNC machining, tapping, reaming, drilling.
  • Offering virtually any cosmetic or protective coating requirement whether through a network of certified suppliers or our in house capability.

Fishertech Division
Our Injected Metal Assembly (IMA) process takes small component joining and assembly production problems off your hands while reducing manufacturing costs. Over more than 60 years, using machines exclusively designed and built by us, FisherTech has provided solutions for hundreds of applications such as cable termination, rotor shafts mounted points and liquid-riveting. If you are currently assembling two or more parts using adhesive bonding, brazing, swaging, staking, press fitting, riveting, soldering, crimping or other joining processes, your assembly is a candidate for our IMA process.

If your production volumes are high, you may consider manufacturing your own small component assemblies by purchasing a FisherTech assembly system. Our IMA systems are designed and built to be easily integrated into your production line. Alternatively, FisherTech will run your production requirements in our Canadian facilities.

Fishertech will also support your maintenance requirements and supplies.

Equipment/Service capabilities:

  • Design, prototyping and modelling services for Machine and Tool development.
  • Application engineering support.
  • Field service technicians.
  • 6 injected metal assembly machines capable of producing a wide range of assemblies.
  • 1 CAFÉ machine (automated cable cutting and termination system).
  • Internal machine shop.

Supplier Responsiveness Allows a Nice Sales Opportunity to Crystallize

Dynacast Peterborough is a technology leader in IMA (injection metal assembly) and center-gate zinc casting for formation of intricate worm gears and unique helical gear applications. This unique capability has allowed the company to play a key role in assisting global tier I suppliers of the safety restraint systems for optimally designed function. Having the capability to supply safety critical components has allowed Dynacast Peterborough to excel in providing solutions to challenging environments found in the market place such as planetary gears used in the assembly of automotive seat supports and belt latches.

“This specialization has allowed Dynacast Peterborough to adapt quickly in providing dedicated machines and tooling for continued support of our crucial part supply. Ours is an application which can allow for little margin of error, and is of paramount importance in the production of in-vehicle safety protection products. Dynacast Peterborough was able to react quickly to a 40% spike in demand for volume increase and avoid a significant loss in sales volume opportunity.”

The company's capital investment, available capacity and a dedicated customer team along with their highly-trained workforce all came together to allow our customer to capitalize on this large sales opportunity.

Phone: 705.748.9522